Vojaški nosilni YOKE sistem KARRIMOR SF črna barva, B33 army shop, trgovina z vojaško opremo, vojaška trgovina

Vojaški nosilni YOKE PLCE sistem KARRIMOR SF črna barva

Vojaške naramnice PREDATOR UNDER ARMOUR YOKE KARRIMOR SF by B33 army shop at www.opremljen.si

Vojaške naramnice za balistični opasač PREDATOR UNDER ARMOUR YOKE KARRIMOR SF olivna barva

Vojaški nosilni YOKE PLCE sistem KARRIMOR SF multicam barva

The PLCE (Personal Load Carriage Equipment) Yoke allows 2 PLCE Side Pockets to be used (available seperately) in a 'daysack' configuration. The Yoke is lighter to carry than a seperate daysack. The PLCE pockets may also be attached to conpatable rucsacs for carraige over greater distances with full complement of other equipment.

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Main fabric:KS100e

KS100e is a 1000 Denier Nylon fabric coated with a Silicone/PU elastomer for improved tear strength and flex resistance. Finished with a fluorocarbon durable water repellent (DWR) that improves the water resistance of the fabric. Camouflage models are manufactured from 500D Infra-Red Reflective (IRR) fabric.

Weight: 270g


● Lightweight

● Converts side pockets to pack

● Rotproof thread

● PLCE compatible

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